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It would be good to know if growers still use a ph & TDS meter to check water quality prior to watering their orchids?
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I can honestly say I have never tested my rainwater and to be honest don’t even know what a tester looks like or if it’s really needed.
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Just love your honesty Mary, it sometimes makes me wonder how early victorian orchid growers managed without all these gadgets which are now on the market and supposed to benefit orchid growing, in the old days I suppose water was water and the orchids was grateful :lol:
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I've done some (purely amateur) hydroponics and I've used the same methods and tools with my orchids - out of curiosity mostly.
Rain water, should in theory just be water - maybe a few extra TDS from whatever in the air or its run off - tested mine and its a low TDS so should be pretty pure. My tap water isnt great but my houseplants cope with it just fine.

I've added feed and I also add a little extra calmag and the TDS (EC) is about 1.4 for my bigger orchids - and I keep it to about 1 for my masdevallias/draculas/whatever else is in my cool space. pH in theory changes the amount of nutrient plants can uptake - and in hydro I keep it within a fairly tight range - for my orchids I dont measure it - I know its somewhere around 6 and that will do just fine. You have to take into account the media as well - acidic rotting sphanum can cause some issues but I find rotting roots gets to a plant quicker than nutrient problems.
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